TraderFinds is still in a beta testing phase, the following plans will likely be adjusted frequently during the first few test exchanges…

Lead Exchanges: The primary purpose of is to arrange and provide short-term lead exchange deals in the financial education industry for quality educational products and services.

  • Partner companies will provide a product or service based on the parameters of the exchange they are participating in. TraderFinds will create and provide a landing page, copy, tracking links for each exchange and each partner (landing page example here). TraderFinds will also use its existing audience to promote each exchange as well as recruit companies who are not partners on the exchange to promote them for affiliate commission (described below).
  • Each exchange will likely have 3-6 partners, an offer, a type, a promotion window, and a minimum commitment.
  • Offer: We will start with free trials, but other themes could be ebooks, videos, coaching, software, etc.
  • Type: This is the type of trading that all the products of the exchange focus on, many exchanges will be “general” or open to any type of trading, but some may focus specifically on futures, forex, ETFs, crypto, etc.
  • Promotion Window: The set of dates that the exchange will start and end. Partners and affiliates will be able to promote the exchange at any time during the window, whatever works best for their schedule.
  • Minimum Commitment: The minimum number of opt-ins (this will probably be anywhere from 50 to 200 on most exchanges) that each exchange partner will commit to sending before the end of the exchange.
  • Bonus: All split test data that is collected during the exchanges will be shared with the exchange partners and all payable TraderFinds affiliates after each exchange ends.

Affiliate Program: The affiliate program described below will provide a strong incentive for each exchange partner to send more than their minimum required number of leads and allow us TraderFinds to recruit companies to promote the exchanges who are not partners that will be getting leads back.

  • A flat 30% of TOTAL TraderFinds revenue each month from ALL sources and types will be will be distributed to affiliates as 1st tier commission, based on the share of active leads they have on the list throughout the month. (Performance bonuses, special events, or contests may be implemented to pay out additional revenue to affiliates.)
  • Additionally, 2nd tier will be offered to those who help recruit new partners/affiliates; 2nd tier commission will be paid at a rate of 20% of the recruited affiliate’s total earnings for each month (including any bonus payments).
  • The commission shares will be calculated based only on payable affiliate tags. So unlike most affiliate programs where an affiliate can only expect a return on revenue generated by their leads, TraderFinds affiliates will proportionally share in the earnings from both their leads, as well as revenue generated subscriber referral, swap, viral, organic, paid, and any other non-affiliate sources of traffic.
  • List maintenance will be relatively aggressive to keep only the best leads on as active subscribers, e.g. every month, anyone who hasn’t opened or clicked in the last 90 days will be unsubscribed; ZeroBounce and/or similar services will be used regularly to unsubscribe bad emails.
  • Bonus: Additionally, no less than 10% of total TraderFinds revenue each month will be used to purchase paid advertising to increase lead counts for future exchanges and the share of revenue distributed to affiliates.

Above details are subject to adjustment if necessary.