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If you were able to get signed up before the close today, thank you for joining the first TraderFinds deal for trial access to 3 great services.

Please be sure to watch for your trials to start within the next 24 hours, please “whitelist” or “safe list” the following domains in your email system right now:

If you do not receive any of your trial subscriptions, please contact us and we’ll figure out what happened.

Also, the next offer will be April 16th to 21st, please join the waitlist to make sure you get more information about that.

Below is a reminder of the services you signed up for with this exchange, they should start within the next 24 hours, if they haven’t already. You will be able to individually unsubscribe at any time from any of them if you decide they’re not for you:

Sentiment Timing – 30 days – Woody Dorsey has been providing invaluable market timing advice for 30 years. You will receive our nightly nightly video reports and morning notes daily to make better trading decisions.

FX Trader’s EDGE Elliott Wave Desk – 14 days – “Elliott Wave Desk is like having your own personal analyst sitting next to you in your trading office” — Includes: Daily, 4 Hour and 1 Hour Charts, Daily HD Video, Bonus access to Back to Basics Seminar

Trader Review – 30 days – Stock, Option, and ETF Research, The Best ETF To Hold For the Next 10 Years


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